Angelus Academy Main Building

The Angelus Academy was established in 1988 during Australia's bicentennial celebrations with generous funding from the Numen-kami Institute and the Federal Government.  Initially catering solely for an undergraduate science programme, the Academy has grown to accommodate Faculties in Science, Engineering, Arts and the Humanities and Commerce.  It has also established connections with the larger universities of University Melbourne and Monash University.  The Angelus Academy is located in the suburb of Kew on five acres of land, which is close to Melbourne's CBD.

The majority of funding now comes from the Numen-Kami Institute and student fees.

Current enrolment information confirms 2200 students on-campus and 600 enrolled through Distance Education.  The Academy has three buildings: The Main Academic Building, the Administration Building and the Sciences Building.  Student residences are located off-site, known as Ariel House, as well as within the private rental market.

The current Dean of the Academy is Professor Salu Summers, an ex-Archaeologist and Professor at Cambridge University in England.  Doctor Saul Numen, the co-Founder of the Numen-Kami Institute is currently a lecturer at the Academy.

Ground Floor - B Level:
C Level:
D Level:
E Level:
Underground - A Level:

The Arena (special access to Dr Numen Only).