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The Solo Uber PBEM List
Organizers: Carl Syphrett and Derek Pearson


Solo Uber is a collection of games/minicampaigns. Each game will typically have a one GM and one player (although, at the GMs option, the number of players can be expanded at any point).
Before there were the uberteams, there were solo ubers. These superhuman heroes have long safeguarded cities, towns, and outlying regions. In populous areas, usually the hero is one among many, but still one who makes a big difference. In outlying areas, the hero is the only one to stand against big threats to the safety and peace of the people.

This campaign group is unique in that the character, rather than the place or theme, is central. Members of this campaign group will each create a character, along with a few plot items, and state their willingness to GM another player's character. Subsequently, each player-GM will list three or more of the characters which he or she would like to GM. The Coordinator of Solo Uber will then match up player characters and player-GM. At that point, each campaign of Solo Uber will start play.

If a new player desires to join the group, the Coordinator will handle the task of polling the player-GMs regarding a switch that would allow the addition. Alternatively, if more than one new players puts in a request to join Solo Uber, the Coordinator can allocate new player characters to new player-GMs to GM.

If both player and GM of a Solo Uber campaign agrees to add in one or more other players to that campaign, they will post a call for players and they will both select the candidate who needs not necessarily be a GM in Solo Uber. Ideally, the subsequent character(s) in the campaign should either be thematically similar to the original player character or should make a good match with him/her.

Area Of Operation
The location and area of operation of each game within the Solo Uber group will vary from game to game.
The goals of each game within the Solo Uber group will vary from game to game.
The reputation of the hero in each game within the Solo Uber group will vary from game to game.
Building A Character For Solo Uber
There are no real rules guidelines for the characters of Solo Uber. In general, however, characters should have interesting backgrounds, be reasonably constructed, and have built in plot items. Each individual game will have its own character creation and selection guidelines.

Player Characters :


Dark (300 points) played by Ben Waddell
Game: Dark Ninja (GM: CES)


PC1 (175 points) played by Player 1 Name
Game: Grace of God (GM: Ben Waddell)


Widower (750 points) played by Kevin Schultz
Game: Homage (GM: CES)


PC3 (up to 350 points) played by Player 3 Name
Game: Alone in the Dark (GM: Ben Langdon)


Sidewinder (450 points) played by Ben Langdon
Game: Chronicles of Courage: Sidewinder (GM: Neil M)


Vigilance (450 points)
played by Ben Trafford
Game: Chronicles of Courage: Vigilance (GM: Neil M)


PC6 (350 points)
played by Player 6 Name
GM: GM Name